Henderson Aikido

We are a community of people dedicated to the physical practice, philosophical study and real world applications of the Japanese martial Art of Aikido. We provide a welcoming, non-competitive, safe and clean environment for students to grow and learn no matter what their age, gender, physical fitness or training level. Aikido is more than just another kicking and punching practice; it is a social, philosophical, and physical experience that you can use every day of your life.

Henderson Aikido was established in Henderson, Nevada in 2009. Our original goals were simple:
• Provide the highest quality Aikido classes for adults, teens, children and families in Southern Nevada
• Help our students excel on the mat and in their daily lives

We have been meeting our original goals time and time again thanks to our supportive members, families and friends.

Since our opening, we have expanded on our original goals to include:
• Help you manage stress and deal with conflict in a positive way
• Help you set and reach their higher level goals
• Reach higher levels of awareness
• Instill the traditional, character building pillars of Budo in your life
• Learn new ways to move and have fun learning
• Improve your fitness, health and overall well-being
• Help you perform to the best of your individual ability
• Maintain an atmosphere free from competition, ego or politics
• Share the benefits of Aikido with as many people as possible!

Classes are open to everyone!
We have people of different sizes, age groups, and gender all training Aikido in an enjoyable and focused environment. Beginners and visitors are always welcome!