Adult Aikido Classes

Martial arts are not just for kids.

Would you like to reduce stress, increase your energy level, improve your health and overall fitness? Would you also like to learn how to resolve conflict in your life? What ever your reason for wanting to do a martial art, Aikido can have positive results.

If your goals are…
• Stress Relief
• Self-Defense
• Resolve Conflict
• Increased Energy
• Improve Your Outlook
• Improved Health & Fitness
• Higher Levels of Focus
• Increased Awareness

Henderson Aikido welcomes anyone who wants to move, learn something new, gain a new skill or just have fun! Our school has the highest quality classes, extremely qualified instruction as well as exceptional benefits for your everyday life. Improve your focus, reduce your stress, learn a martial art that teaches practical self-defense and enhances your daily life.

Come enjoy our adult Aikido program and enjoy:
• Structured Classes
• Beginners Programs
• Knowledgeable Instructors
• Traditional & Non-Traditional Practices
• Transform your mind and body
• A Variety of Teaching Methods
• Multiple class times for your busy life
• A Fun, Friendly Environment to Learn and Grow!

Aikido will help you balance your mind and body while learning a traditional martial art in traditional and non-traditional ways. Unlike striking martial arts the goal of Aikido is to teach people to resolve conflict as safely and peacefully as possible. Adult classes provide a positive environment to keep you motivated and progressing forward. Adults can learn Aikido at any age, size, gender and any physical ability level.