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Author: HendersonAikido

Seminar, Kids Day, R.A.D. & More!!!


October has snuck up on us again…
Not to worry, we have a fantastic fall planned for everyone at the dojo and in our community!

Who else is excited for a great month of October?

We have a lot in store starting with our in-house seminar with Vince Salvatore Sensei. Keep in mind all levels are welcome and EVERYONE is encouraged to attend. Vince Sensei has years of knowledge and tons of great stuff to share with us. Check out the specifics below!


In the dojo

We will be working on Promotion Preparation. Most of you know that we have a few people coming up on their black belts. However, our entire student body is making great strides every day and this time is for them too!

This week, and next, we will be moving though everyones promotion material and many students will be moving forward with their promotions. Come on in and have a great time working on your promotion material.

Kids Day
After a couple bumps in the road and a few issues our Kids Day Event will be held on October 8th! This fantastic event will allow your children and their friends to have a great time at the dojo while learning and enjoying the practices of Aikido and Yoga. Please sign up at the dojo and know that all children must fill out a waiver, if they don’t already have one.  We look forward to having all of your children attend!
What: Aikido, Yoga, Games & Entertainment!
When: October 8th, 3:30-6pm
Where: Henderson Aikido & Yoga
Cost: $10 suggested donation

October Events
9/26   R.A.D. Focus
10/8    Kids Day In
10/15  Restorative Yoga
10/28 – 10/30   Vince Sensei Seminar & Black Belt Testing!!


October Seminar & Black Belt Testing!

Who: Vincent Salvatore 6th Dan  –
Author, Mentor & Dojo Cho of Aikido of Reno
When:  October 28th – 30th, 2016
Where: Henderson Aikido & Yoga
$80 Early Bird Registration
$95 after September 30th
Register Early for this fantastic event!
Full schedule to follow

Here is the flyer for you if you would like to share it with others ~~> FLYER 

Variations on old favorites!

Multiple partners, multiple attackers, multiple variations

Moving with a partner is a skill that can take a while to learn. Learning to move with multiple partners is yet another skill we develop here at the dojo. Learning to move with a single attacker or multiple attackers is different than moving with partners who are there to help you grow as an Aikidoka. The variations of movements and possibilities of projections are difficult to find if you aren’t constantly building up what movements you are familiar with..

This session we are breaking down the process of varying our movements to have more options when working with multiple partners. This will help us to have a wide catalog of technique variations when dealing with multiple attackers. Join us as we build up our abilities, with some really fun practices at your favorite dojo!

9/12 – 9/25  Breakdown
Principle: Awareness
Technique: Ryote, Morote & Katate dori
Ukemi: Ushiro Ukemi
Weapons:  Kumi Jo 6-10

*Henderson Aikido does not claim to own the image used in this email


Vincent Salvatore Sensei, 6th Dan – October  28th – 30th, 2016
Join us for our first ever in-house seminar WITH Black Belt Testing!

Another fantastic weekend of Aikido is happening here at Henderson. Aikido and
we look forward to great training and supporting our students as they reach this next milestone in their Aikido journey.

All levels welcome and encouraged to join!

Early Bird  $80 After Sept. 30th  $95 *class times and info subject to change.


Schedule, Seminar and Announcements

Summertime is coming to a close…
That means things are changing.
School starts, work kicks into high gear, schedules change (see the next heading for a great surprise) and things get a little hectic! We understand and are here to help. Starting with this quick reminder that Henderson Aikido will be on a limited schedule for the first week of school. Durning end of class announcements we been informing the student body of this adjustment, but we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this adjustment for the start of the school year…

Limited schedule is as follows

Monday, August 29th – Closed
Tuesday, August 30th – All regular classes
Wednesday, August 31st – Closed
Thursday, September 1st – All regular classes
Friday, September 2nd – Closed
Saturday, September 3rd – All regular classes
Monday, September 5th – Closed for Labor Day
Tuesday, September 6th – All regular classes, return to regular schedule!

Hopefully, this helps you focus on the first week of school while still being able to attend classes at your favorite dojo.

This is New!!!
Starting September 12, 2016,  Henderson Aikido & Yoga is adding classes! The new schedule will go live on Monday, September 12th. While you are waiting don’t forget to continue to enjoy our already amazing schedule!

Vince Salvatore Sensei Seminar

Vince Sensei schedule below

All levels welcome and encouraged to join! Henderson Aikido is proud to welcome back Vince Sensei back for our first ever in-house seminar with Black Belt Testing. Join us for another fantastic weekend of Aikido and support our students as they reach this big step in their Aikido journey.

Seminar Schedule*
Friday, Oct. 28th
Regular class 6 – 7:30pm
Dinner 8-9pm

Saturday, Oct. 29th
Children’s class 9:00 – 9:45 am
Regular class 10:30 – 12pm
Black Belt Testing 12-1:30
Lunch 1:30 – 2pm
Adult 2 – 3:30 pm

Sunday, Oct. 30th
9:30 – 11am

Register early!!
Early bird price only $80, Oct 1st $95
Children’s class $20
*Subject to change

Sign up and registration is at the dojo. Or email us HERE!



Sometimes on the mat we waiver or don’t commit entirely to our practice. Irimi nage forces us to face our hesitations and fears.

Come on in this week and work on entering with intention with Kata dori Irimi Nage!



“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.”
– Seneca

This week…
Principle: Intention
Technique: Kata Menuchi Irimi Nage
Ukemi: Focused connection
Weapons: Jiyu waza.
Coming up!
T.B.D.   Summer Promotions
8/16   R.A.D.
8/27 – 8/18 CAA Training & Meeting
9/10   Restorative Yoga
10/28-30 Vince Sensei Seminar Register early!