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Author: HendersonAikido

Our Grand Opening Seminar Weekend

Happy Tuesday evening to all!

Our first weekend at the new dojo was a great success!

A huge thank you to Vince Salvatore Sensei for honoring us with his teaching for our opening weekend, we all have much to work on thanks to your insights. There were some great demonstrations and a fantastic 5th kyu test! Thank you to all students, family members, parents and friends of Henderson Aikido that worked tirelessly this last week to get classes covered, equipment and heavy things moved and being supportive in this transitional time. As a school we are grateful for all of the help before and during this change.

This week we are working on…
Technique: Sankyo
Principle: Using your hips
Ukemi: Not locking up
Weapons: Jo suburi, 7th & 8th Kumi Jo

This Wednesday, October 31st we will be having our Halloween class during the kids class. Feel free to join us in costume for Aikido, fun and games!

“The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to bewhat you desire to appear.” –Socrates


Gearing up and moving forward @ Henderson Aikido!

This week we will be gearing up for our Grand Opening Seminar with Vince Salvatore Sensei, 6th dan! This seminar is for students of all ability levels. A big part of getting ready for a big leap forward in learning or just getting amped up for a seminar is ‘Irimi’. Irimi or as we use it ‘Entering,’ not moving away from the situation but going right in and blending with your partner. Knowing how and when to enter can be the difference in connection with a partner or being ready to take in the knowledge of a visiting teacher. So come in to class this week and enjoy a week of working on Irimi, and open up with Irimi techniques all week!

“Strength is not born from strength. Strength can be born only from weakness. So be glad of your weaknesses now, they are the beginnings of your strength.”
– Dr. Claire Weekes

Technique: Irimi
Principle: Blending while entering
Ukemi: Keeping center with your nage(s)
Weapons: 5th & 6th Kumi Jo, Jo Suburi



  • Please remember that this week is the last week to pre-register for the seminar at $60.00, after it will be $75.00. Visiting students and family members are all welcome to join or watch!
  • Potluck sign-up is at the dojo, please sign up soon! 
  • We will be sending the supplies order on Thursday, October 18th. Let me know your orders so I can send send them through
  • We will be breaking down for the next two weeks as we move over to the new building, please excuse our dust during this process. Thank you in advance for your patience.
See everyone in class!


October Updates

I apologize for the lack of updates and contact this last week.
I had a family emergency and it kept me from the normal updates. Thank you for your patience and support.


This week we are working on
Technique: Shihonage
Principle: Learn to blend
Ukemi: Learn to blend with the ground and your partner
Weapons: 5th Kumi tachi, Ki Musubi no Tachi


  • Henderson Aikido has a big month ahead of us here is what is going on!We will be hosting Vince Salvatore Sensei, 6th dan dojo cho at Aikido of Reno. See the flyer for all the information. Feel free to print it and forward it anywhere you like! This seminar, in case you can’t get the flyer, will be a grand opening celebration of our new location at 671 Middlegate!  We will be having all classes at 520 Sunset Rd. until the seminar Friday, October 26th. After all classes will be at our new location.  Sign ups for the seminar and pot luck are at the dojo. Please sign up early! If you have any questions please feel free to contact the dojo.


  • Saturday, October 6th will be testing. Please come and support the testing people and take notes if the test is in your futur

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September Update for Henderson Aikido

First of all a huge thank you to all the students and families for the time off! I hope everyone is having a great first few weeks at school. My vacation was a fantastic. I saw friends, family and had a good deal of relaxation time.  Now I am back and ready to get back to teaching, training and moving forward. The next few months are going to be very exciting for everyone and the dojo as a whole. Here is what we are working on this week as well as some very exciting things that are coming up!

This week and month we will be refocusing on basics!
While at CAA training I was again reminded of the importance of our basic practices in order to progress in Aikido. Footwork, centering, balance, extension, breathing, suburi and many other basic principles serve as the foundation for Aikido but also are building blocks of good Aikidoka. We will focus our minds and bodies on having a solid understanding of the basics and foundations of Aikido in order to grow further.

  • Next week September 16th ~ 22nd we are going to celebrate a Week of Peace, in recognition of U.N International Day of Peace which takes place on September 21st. For Peace Week we will be exploring peaceful solutions to verbal, mental and physical conflict through the study of Aikido. This will take form in several different ways
  • Kids, we will be offering a FREE Bully Seminar in three parts for three consecutive Saturdays September 15th, September 22nd and September 29th from 9-9:30am. Friends, family, parents and classmates are all welcome to come and participate. Please wear plain clothes and come ready to learn!
  • From September 16th ~ September 22nd regular classes are FREE of charge! Adults and teens can try class for the week and spend some time learning the Art of Peace. This week will include physical as well as verbal Aikido.
  • BIG NEWS!! Henderson Aikido will be hosting Vince Salvatore Sensei, 6th dan (6th degree black belt), for a weekend seminar at October 26th & 27th! Come support us brining out this high level teacher, with student support we will have the opportunity to have other fantastic Aikidoka like Vince Sensei to join us in the future. A flyer will be emailed out soon with all the specifics check your inboxes this week!
  • Aikido of Reno will be hosting MIles Kesseler Sensei, 6th Dan, on November 9th & 10th, 2012. Details coming soon!
  • I will be sending a order for supplies on Friday, September 21st. If you need anything please let me know!

Keep up the good work, see you in class!