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Author: HendersonAikido

🎁 This week, next week and our holiday break! 🎄

logoalt_christmaslogoThis week we are prepping to deal with the rigors of Holiday Stress.

Don’t be afraid! Show up at the dojo and work of some of that excess stress, energy, anxiety or excitement This week we will help you navigate the Holidays by using Aikido. Those other shoppers won’t know what blended with them!
Principle: Blending
Technique: Moving through the Kyo Series
Ukemi: Connecting the dots
Weapons: Demonstration quality partner practices

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”
– Epictetus


This awesome thing is happening…

Member Appreciation Party
Don’t forget! Members and families please RSVP by Monday, December 12th
We are extremely grateful for all of our members and want to show it by taking the time to treat everyone. All the important stuff…

Henderson Aikido & Yoga
237 N. Stephanie St., Ste D.
Saturday, December 17th
3pm – 6pm


Solace on Sundays anyone?

The holidays are showing up fast! Time to take a moment, or several, for your self! Sunday Solace is a Morning Yin and Meditation based yoga class for your busy and stressed self. Next one on the schedule is…

Sunday, December 18th at 8:30 am

Oh, did we forget to mention, Sunday is FREE?!

We are also having a discounted drop in for all classes for the month of December, $8. Come in and enjoy our Sunday relaxation a great addition to our already amazing Yoga & Aikido schedule!

Just a friendly reminder..
The dojo will be closed from December 23rd – January 2nd
**All regular classes will resume Tuesday, January 3rd.**

P.S. Our Holiday special is great, call or email for details Today!

🎉 Training, Seminar and Party ❄ ⛄

Welcome back from another fantastic Holiday break!

We hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday with their families and loved ones. Now it is time to get back in the groove with another fantastic training focus here at Henderson Aikido & Yoga!

This week at the dojo…
Principle: Getting out of your head, aka go with the flow
Technique: Teaching principles
Ukemi: Progressive movements for demonstrations
Weapons: Basic in to open practices

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”
~ Sam Levenson

Seminar weekend
This weekend some of us will be headed to Aikido of Reno for their Bi-Annual Internal Seminar for a couple days of collaboration, creativity and awesome training! Everyone beginner, intermediate and advanced students are all welcome and encouraged to join us. If you are interested in attending to the seminar please inform the dojo no later than Tuesday, November 29th.

Member Appreciation Party

This year in lieu of a Christmas Party the dojo has decided to throw a member appreciation party. We are extremely grateful for all of our members and want to show it by taking the time to treat everyone. Here are all the pertinent details about our 2016 Member Appreciation Party…

Henderson Aikido & Yoga
237 N. Stephanie St., Ste D.
Saturday, December 17th
3pm – 6pm
Members and families please RSVP by Monday, December 12th

Black Belt and thanks!

Thank you & congrats to all students, teachers, family members and friends

We have all participated in a hugely amazing event. As a community we have successfully prepared and passed three black belt students.  There is a very long list of people to thank so in case you are not called out individually please know our entire dojo tribe is responsible for helping these students move forward, that includes YOU!

I know myself, black belts and students are extremely grateful for the support of Aikido of Reno and their chief instructor Vince Salvatore.  Large thanks go out to the Ueno and Hatai Families for the various helpful things that happened day of and the preparations long before the workshop. Also, the sempai and ukes who took part in the black belt tests.

This truly was a community effort and I am extremely grateful for all your participation.

This week at the dojo…
11/7 – 11/19

Technique: Irmi & Shiho Nage
Principle: Footwork
Ukemi: Low, round and soft
Weapons: All sorts of Suburi“Lack of activity destroy the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” ~ Plato

Restorative Yoga with Nita  – November, 19th 4-6pm

Living in a non-stop society, people tend to be incredibly busy and pack as much as possible into their day. Restorative Yoga provides an important break to recharge and regroup. After class you will feel more calm, relaxed, and sleep better, as well as be more productive and focused.

Research shows participation of relaxation classes also leads to an improvement of self-perceived quality of life, specifically, improved confidence, physical ability, psychosocial functioning, and a sense of empowerment.

No yoga experience is necessary and all props are provided! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and bring a friend :)

Reserve your spot early by calling or emailing us TODAY! 702-719-1177 or


Don’t forget! The dojo will be closed for Thanksgiving, November, 23rd – November, 28th. We will re-open Monday, November 28th for all regular classes. 

Have a safe and happy holiday!! 

🎃 👻 Halloween, Party & Seminar Stuff! 🎉

halloween, seminar weekend

Halloween Again…




Please remember to sign up for the Black Belt Dinner Party by Monday, October 24th! If you do not sign up we can not guarantee a space for you and we want everyone to be there.
Dinner will be Friday, October 28th At Metro Pizza, sign up is by check-in at the dojo.


We will be celebrating Halloween early at the dojo due to the seminar this weekend. Children and Adults are invited to wear their costumes for class on Thursday, October 27th, join us for a really Ghoul-d time!


In case you didn’t know… We have a fantastic weekend of training, tests and celebrations this weekend. If you haven’t signed up for our seminar come in to the office ASAP, if you have prepare for a fantastic weekend of AWESOMENESS! Schedules are at the dojo and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Halloween Again…

The dojo will be closed for the evening of Halloween. Please note that we will not be open on October, 31st. Regular classes will resume November 1st. Have a safe and happy Halloween!