Children’s Aikido Classes

We encourage our children to use the lessons they learn in Aikido every day, don’t worry it is a good thing!

Unlike some martial arts, Aikido is a fantastic art to take to school, home or just around town. The skills learned in Aikido include self-discipline, a strong mind, body and spirit. We instill in our children they are not to abuse their physical skills, but instead we encourage them to share the benefits of Aikido with others.

Children’s classes are a wonderful way for children of any level of skill or fitness to develop awareness, respect, focus and courtesy. Henderson Aikido’s classes are divided by structure which allows us to ensure that every student is moving forward at their own pace.

Foundation Based
Designed to develop balance, coordination, flexibility, concentration, confidence, goal setting, cooperation and discipline. These are the key components to helping your child succeed both inside and outside of the dojo.

These classes are fun and movement based. Children work through a variety of movements and techniques building on many different skills to help develop body mechanics and positive solutions to conflict.

Skill based
Technical classes developing foot work, higher levels of hand eye coordination, communication, increased focus, body awareness, physical fitness, more complex techniques and partner practices.

These classes are fun, challenging and exciting to attend. They will help your child develop dexterity and confidence by challenging them to become more thoughtful and focused about their practice and movements all while not being combative or negative in their thoughts and actions.

Classes provide a fun learning environment where your children can grow and have a sense of accomplishment by gaining rank, responsibility and showing their experiences to other children in class. Children’s classes work toward being responsible, respectful children who know how to escape a bully, handle stress, and react to situations without violence.
• Physical skills include tumbling, balance, coordination, flexibility, centering, and dexterity.
• Mental and social skills include how to handle bullies, stress, time management, following directions, and focusing practices.

Henderson Aikido’s Children’s Program Benefits include:
• Fun classes where they will learn new skills and sharpen existing ones
• Multiple classes during the week with great instructors and awesome assistants
• Private lessons available for any extra attention that might be needed
• Leadership skills and personal development and rank promotions
• Social activities that build friendship and our community