Howdy ya’ll and thank you!

What a great past week!
Thank you to all dojo students and families who were at the dojo the last week while some of us were at workshops. Huge thanks to Blaze, Mhark and Jackie for covering several classes and keeping the dojo energy in high gear! We learned a lot and are excited to sharing everything that we can remember with everyone.

Thanks also, go out to Aikido of Reno for hosting a great seminar and allowing us to take part in you Aikido community. As well as Thanks to Frank Sensei of Aikido’ka for putting together a great Aikido Summer camp. We all look foreward to your next seminars.


This week…

We are working on a few kyo series movements so that we can solidify the series in your memories!
Principle: Makoto, Sincerity
Technique: Sankyo & Yonkyo
Ukemi: Leading through standing falls
Weapons: 11-20 Jo Suburi & 31 Jo Kata

“Well done is better than well said.” ~Benjamin Franklin


It’s a TACO PARTY!!!

We are having a member appreciation, ceremony and Taco Party here at the dojo and we hope you can clear your busy summer schedule to be here. June 24th after regular classes join us for a great time! More details soon but for now HERE is a little something to get you in the mood!