Vince Salvatore, 6th Dan Aikikai 

Salvatore Sensei was influenced at an early age by his uncle, who was a black belt in Aikido. In 1987, in search of the masters of the art, he moved to Japan. He was a live-in apprentice at the original Aikido School under Saito Sensei in Iwama, Japan. Studying intensively under Saito Sensei, he lived in Japan until July of 1999.

Salvatore Sensei has been practicing Aikido for over thirty years and has been a full time Aikido instructor since 2002 at Aikido of Reno. He is still and avid student, teacher and mentor who teaches, trains and collaborates with Aikido practitioners around the world.

His goal and vision for Aikido of Reno is to keep expanding his Aikido as well as his students at Aikido of Reno. He also strives to continue to help educate the community in less violent ways of conflict resolution. Henderson Aikido is  extremely grateful for the support of Salvatore Sensei as; teacher, mentor and friend in all aspects of our schools development and growth.