Starting January 16th, 2018 we are shifting to the left!
Just on the other side of Henry’s All American Grill.  See you there!

Welcome to Henderson Aikido!

Training your mind and body since 2009.

Henderson Aikido is the only place in Southern Nevada where children, teens, adults and families can train at a full-time Aikido dojo, with the highest level of quality and fun, six days a week!

We are a community of people dedicated to the physical practice, philosophical study and real world applications of the Japanese martial art of Aikido. We provide a welcoming, non-competitive, safe and clean environment for students to grow and learn no matter what their age, gender, physical fitness or training level.  Aikido is more than just another kicking and punching practice; it is a social, philosophical, and physical experience that you can use every day of your life.

Sounds great, right?! But wait… You still aren’t sure what Aikido is, would you like to know more?
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